Can you fly?

Not in any way which would offend the laws of physics. OK, no.

Then why the name?

We met in Kandinsky Hotel in Cheltenham, back in 2007. We were all finalists in the Famelab science communication competition.

What do you do?

We get together once a year at Cheltenham Science Festival and put on science themed stage shows.

Would I like your shows?

We pack our shows with live science demos, from icing sugar fireworks to water balloon physics. Our shows are good for family audiences with, we hope, something for everyone.

How do I contact you?

The best way to get in touch is to visit individual team members’ websites on the Team page, or email info at tfkscience dot com. Note that as a group, we only perform at Cheltenham Science Festival.

Why is Marieke’s moustache on upside-down in the photo?

Science can’t provide an answer for everything.

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