The Science of Sound!

Nic Harrigan using fire to demonstrate sound waves in The Science of Sound, 2014

Stage Science

We're the Flying Kandinskys, a troupe of performing scientists who put on science-themed stage shows. We've introduced audiences to the bizarre creatures of the deep oceans, the workings of the internet and the stories of great scientists from the past. Our shows can be found each year at Cheltenham Science Festival, UK. Take a look at our previous shows below, read about the team, and come and say hello at our next event!

Science of Sound

Our 2014 show, Science of Sound

Science of the Internet

Our 2013 show, Science of the Internet

Ten Scientists

Our 2011 show, Ten Scientists You've Never Heard Of

Science of the Oceans

Our 2010 show, Science of the Oceans

Great Experiments

Our 2009 show, Experiments that Changed the World

Science in the Kitchen

Our 2008 show, Science in the Kitchen